Press conference after 4th round

David Ferrer speaks to the press after his fourth round loss to Kei Nishikori.
(via Australian Open)

Q. After the last match, your nail was bleeding. How much does it affect you?

DAVID FERRER: No, nothing, nothing. Kei was better than me. Much better today.

Q. Looking back last year when you played Kei at World Tour Finals, did you feel any huge difference in Kei’s play?

DAVID FERRER: No, every match is difference. I know today Kei, he did a very good match. He play maybe his best match with me, sure. But I don’t know. You have to ask to him.

Q. How about his serve?

DAVID FERRER: Very good. Very good.

Q. In the second set, you looked quite frustrated when you hit the serve and it went fault. You screamed out. Any particular reason?

DAVID FERRER: No, nothing. It’s only one thing about the match, but nothing else, no? I was angry in that moment, but nothing special.

Q. Do you think he will win this tournament?

DAVID FERRER: I don’t know. I don’t know. There are a lot of good players, like Rafael Nadal, Djokovic. I don’t know. Of course, he has a chance to be in semifinal. But now he has play against Stan Wawrinka. You never know. Now all the matches are close.

Q. What made you most uncomfortable about your game today?

DAVID FERRER: Well, today the feeling was not so good because Kei, he was better. But, well, anyway I am positive. I began the season winning a lot of matches. I won Doha. I did here four rounds. I am positive. I would like to rest. I have two or three weeks to be home and to be ready for my next season in South America.

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